ALE RAMIREZ-mexico-wedding-Alejandra-Ramirez-Photography.

ALE RAMIREZ-mexico-wedding-Alejandra-Ramirez-Photography.

ALE RAMIREZ-mexico-wedding-Alejandra-Ramirez-Photography.

 I am Alejandra Ramirez wedding photographer; borned in Santiago de Chile, but at the age of 3 my family moved to Venezuela so i considered myself  Venezuelan.

 I discovered photography watching my father, who was also a photographer. He developed images in the dark room of our home and he taught me  the basics of this method.  

When i turned fifteen my dad gave me his Camara, but i never imagined it was going to be the best present i ever received.

I studied Photography in New York at City College of New York and then refined my studies in  Nice-France.  

While living in China I learned that photography is the best way to express myself and capture unique moments of life.

In Wedding Photography i found my true passion, having the opportunity to enjoy and be part of those special days in the couples life is truly amazing.

 I remember my first wedding when the bride was walking down the aisle and the  grooms expression was simply magical.

A combination of excitement, tears and happiness! That was the moment i realized i wanted to capture those memories forever.

In China i meet my husband Roger. After 3 wonderful years  living the Chinese lifestyle we decided to change the dumplings and rice wine to Tequila and tacos.

We moved to Monterrey – Mexico with our spectacular four legged daughter Bodas, (a beautiful Shanghainese poodle).

We own a photography studio in San Pedro Garza Garcia.  We also offer wedding videography under the name of Roger Films; Roger and i create the best team ever, while he films i photograph. We offer several packages so we can fulfill the couples needs.

He is the best partner i could ever ask!

“Life is what happens when you are to busy making plans”  John Lennon